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What our students think of us

Rajneet is a patient and caring teacher who tutored me for GCSE maths. I joined her tuition classes in year 10 and to begin with, I was really behind on my maths knowledge, but Rajneet started from the basics and guided me onto the right path. By the time my exams came around, I was much more confident and got my target grade! Thank you.



Rajneet tutored me for gcse maths, which was my weakest subject. She taught me different methods that I never learnt in school which helped improve my maths skills. Because of her teachings I was able to go from foundation to higher in year 11


Miss Rajneet, a very friendly teacher tutored me for my GCSE Maths and I am glad to say, i passed it with an A*. She explains everything so clear & detailed. Rajneet is a wonderful teacher.


I found Rajneet very helpful when I was studying my GCSE Maths. I only tuition for 6 months leading up to my GCSE examination i had gone from level 5 to secure a level 7 which i was very pleased with. I would recommend Rajneet in Mathematics as she has an excellent knowledge of subject.


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