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School Supplies

Support that makes a difference

  • Childcare Services

  • Educational Support Services

Childcare Services

We provide childcare services for age group 6 -16

Your child will have access to a wide variety of activities that support active learning, group activities and ways to stay entertained. 


Educational Support Services

Our innovative and dynamic approach towards education meets the need of diverse student’s age 6-16 incorporating a primary and secondary phases.


What We Offer:







                                                    MATHS                                                                  SCIENCE (Bio, Chem & Phy)                                       

                                                  SCIENCE                                                                MATHS (Foundation & Higher)

                                                  ENGLISH                                                               ENGLISH (Language & Literature)



  • Small Group Tuition

  • Personalized Learning Plan

  • GCSE Exam Preparation

  • Termly Report to Parents

  • Year 6 SATs Preparation

  • Homework Club

  • Specially Designed Resources in line with the National Curriculum

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